Board of Directors

kellie_barnes.jpgKellie Barnes
Board President

Kellie Barnes is a health care provider with a passion for public policy, education, and increasing access to preventative health services.

In 2015, Kellie developed policy strategy with key stakeholders in supporting improved dental health outcomes. She wrote legislative concepts, gained legislative sponsorship, and successfully lobbied for HB 2024. HB 2024 is now law and passed with broad bipartisan support.

Kellie has served as a citizen advisor on the Portland Water Bureau budget advisory committee and as a citizen member for the Portland City Club Children’s Dental Health Task Force. Recommendations from this plan are in use as a road map for state and county-wide oral health policy.

Kellie is an experienced public speaker, serving as primary spokesperson for Clean Water Portland during the 2013 election campaign. Her excitement for education was instrumental as she participated in educational forums including debates, community presentations, and meetings with policy makers and legislators.

Kellie has been a physical therapist serving Portland for 23 years. Kellie holds a BS in Biology, a MS in Physical Therapy, a Masters in orthopedic manual therapy, and a Doctorate (ABD) in Orthopedic Manual Therapy.



Roger Burt
Board Member

Roger Burt is a retired counselor and holds a Master of Science degree in psychology.

Past employers include State of Oregon, Hazelden-Betty Ford, Providence Medical Center, Northeast Urban League One Stop Career Center, Goodwill Industries, and Oregon Food Bank. Other positions held include City of Portland Water Quality Advisory Committee member, Board President of Anpo, a Native American Spiritual and Cultural Organization, President of Citizens for a Lead-free Environment, and President of Oregon Vocational Evaluation and Work Adjustment Association.

As Co-chair of Citizens for Pure Water he led the successful campaign defeating water fluoridation in Portland in 1980.



Gena Delaney
Board Treasurer

Gena Delaney is a second generation Portlander and has served on the board as Treasurer since 2012. 

During the 2012-2013 electoral campaign to protect Portland's water from fluoridation chemicals, she served on the Executive Committee and also held the role of general office manager.

With two sons and three grandchildren, she is deeply committed to protecting Oregon’s natural resources as a legacy to future generations.



Raina Mills
Board Secretary

Raina Mills is a 20-year Portland resident who is dedicated to organizing grassroots campaigns and helping everyday citizens make their voices heard.

Raina worked for Clean Water Portland in a variety of roles, front office, volunteer organizer and fundraiser.

She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and graduated Summa Cum Laude from PSU in 2008.

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