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Putting Oregon’s Clean Water At Risk From Water Fluoridation Doesn’t Make Sense

Fluoridation chemicals are byproducts of industrial fertilizer production…Really

Hard as it is to believe, the three chemicals used to “fluoridate” drinking water are all industrial byproducts of fertilizer production.

Significant new scientific evidence shows the health risks of fluoridation are substantial

As is true for many things once declared “safe,” there is a fast-growing body of scientific literature showing that there are real risks related to consuming fluoridation chemicals.

Fluoride is a drug that every individual should have the right to choose for themselves whether or not to consume

Fluoride meets every legal and medical definition of a drug (“intended to treat, mitigate or cure disease” – ie. dental cavities) and is the only drug that is added to the water supply with the stated goal of affecting human health.

There are far more effective alternatives to promoting kids’ dental health

The way promoters talk about fluoridation as one of the world’s “Top 10 Public Health Benefits” you would think its benefits were well established and substantial. But scratch the surface and the reality is far different.

Fluoridation chemicals contain arsenic, lead and other toxics

Again, it's hard to believe, but given their origin as industrial byproducts, fluoridation chemicals are well-documented to contain contaminants such as arsenic and lead that have known human health risks.

Curious about Portland's votes on fluoridation chemicals?

Portland has a proud history of protecting drinking water from fluoridation chemicals, voting against them four times. Why haven't fluoridation promoters taken NO for an answer?

Watch Oregon Dental Director announce 80% Fluoridation goal to legislature

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