Tell Your Reps to Respect the Vote

The most effective thing you can do to protect our water right now is contact your State Senator and Representative.

Ask them to pledge to respect the democratic vote, and not support any legislation that would require adding fluoridation chemicals to our water.

Use this quick and easy tool and FIND YOUR REPS HERE. Be sure to click the tab to find both your State Senator AND Representative.

Here is a sample email you can send:


Dear ______________

I have recently become aware of Dental Director Austin's suggestion of adding fluoridation chemicals to 80% of Oregonians' water by 2019. As I'm sure you know, this goal would require legislation overturning the 2013 Portland vote in which 61% of citizens rejected fluoridation, as well as democratic votes and ordinances in cities from Eugene, to Medford, to Bend.

Will you pledge to support the democratic votes of Oregonians and to not support any legislation that would overturn democratic votes or take away local control on water fluoridation? Thank you for your reply.

Clean Water Oregon