5.  Fluoridation Chemicals Contain Arsenic, Lead and Other Toxics

Again, it's hard to believe, but fluoridation chemicals are well-documented to contain contaminants such as arsenic and lead that have known human health risks.  

Even the CDC openly cites to data from the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) which admits that 43% of fluoridation chemicals test positive for arsenic.[xiv] 

The maximum level of arsenic documented was 0.6 ppb which is about 6% of EPA’s Maximum Contaminant Level (legal limit) of 10 ppb for arsenic, but above EPA’s health-based Maximum Contaminant Level Goal for arsenic, which is zero.[xv] 

Fluoridation promoters typically dismiss the levels of arsenic, lead and other toxics that are added to drinking water when it is fluoridated as “too low to matter.”

But this ignores the reality that we should not be knowingly adding more toxics to our drinking water, but instead, should be doing everything possible to reduce our exposure to toxics, especially in our drinking water.





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